Entero Care

Probiotic for pigeons

This probiotic mix containing natural lactic acid bacteriaensures a good balance of the intestinal flora.The bacteriafeel at home in the instestinal tract and create an acid environment there. In order to achieve an optimum product,vitamins and minerals have also been added.
Entero Care should preferably be administrated:
- After giving inoculations and medication
- When there are problems with the intestinal flora anddroppings
- During stresful periods (first flights, young pigeon flights)
- After returning home to speed up recovery.


Dosage and instructions for use:

1 measuring spoon (10g) for 1 litre of water or 1 enclosed measurung spoon per 1 kg of feed 2 succesive days.

Etdero Care may be given every week.





Probiotic and prebiotic for Intestinal flora regeneration

Probiotic-Prebiotic combination for regeneration and improvement of intestinal flora ProbioCare contains a special combination of different probiotics and prebiotics that work synergistically to improve intestinal regulation ProbioCare is an excellent choice:
- after administering antibiotics
- after vaccinations
- as an immune booster after the competition flight
- after exhibitions

Indigestion is a harbinger of many harms (pathogenic) microorganisms and endoparasites. In many cases it is observed in heavy flights and breeding.
ProbioCare contains a special combination of various in microencapsulated form, as well as a unique combination from carbohydrates that regulate the intestinal flora. Different bacteria mutually support the ability to actively saturation of the small intestine of the dove. In this way they help in the digestive processes, generate basic ones nutrients that stabilize the intestinal flora and strengthen the immune system. These probiotic bacteria suppress pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, E-Coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and fungal infections such as Candidiasis, Coccidiosis, Trichomoniasis. This is a very effective way to prevent intestinal diseases and the intestinal flora regenerates quickly. Regular application of ProbioCare increases the natural forces of resistance, improves appetite. Pigeons have more energy during flights.  
The use of ProbioCare significantly shortens the recovery phase.



1 measuring spoon (12.5 g) per 1 kg food twice a week (dose for 25 pigeons)




Bathsalt - New product

Ideal bathing salts for pigeon

Recommended for all seasons and especially during the moulting.

  • Make the feathers more flexible
  • Stimulates the down moult and removes skin flakes
  • Stronger feathers
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Removes skin scales without effecting the   pigeons' condition. 



1 full measuring spoon (20 g) per 10 l water once or twice a week.
Especially for moulting season :  2 baths per week.


Herbal Care - New product

Herbal tincture with added organic acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Herbal Care is an all-natural product that provides a strong foundation both during the flying season and in the off-season. The product is a herbal tincture with additional organic acids and is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are very effective against gastro-intestinal problems. Herbal Care improves the condition of your pigeons, improves resistance and promotes quicker recovery after exertion. Herbal Care boosts fertility and makes young pigeons more resilient.


10 ml  of Herbal Care in 1 litre of drinking water
- During the moulting season: once to twice a week
- During the racing season: once to twice a week
- Youngsters: three to four times a week
- Breading season: twice a week
Shake well before use! 


Before starting the racing season 7-10 days prophylactic care.


Herbal tincture of ginseng root, purple coneflower, lesser centaury, vaccinium myrtillus leaf, salix bark, seaweed, wild celery root, satureja hortensis, cinnamon, crocus sativus; sambucus  nigra concentrate; vaccinium myrtillus concentrate;citric acid; apple cider vinegar; glucose


Download HERBAL CARE indication in PDF document

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