Herbal Care - New product

Herbal tincture with added organic acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Herbal Care is an all-natural product that provides a strong foundation both during the flying season and in the off-season. The product is a herbal tincture with additional organic acids and is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are very effective against gastro-intestinal problems. Herbal Care improves the condition of your pigeons, improves resistance and promotes quicker recovery after exertion. Herbal Care boosts fertility and makes young pigeons more resilient.


10 ml  of Herbal Care in 1 litre of drinking water
- During the moulting season: once to twice a week
- During the racing season: once to twice a week
- Youngsters: three to four times a week
- Breading season: twice a week
Shake well before use! 


Before starting the racing season 7-10 days prophylactic care.


Herbal tincture of ginseng root, purple coneflower, lesser centaury, vaccinium myrtillus leaf, salix bark, seaweed, wild celery root, satureja hortensis, cinnamon, crocus sativus; sambucus  nigra concentrate; vaccinium myrtillus concentrate;citric acid; apple cider vinegar; glucose


Carni Form - New product

This combination has a central role in the lipid metabolism of  pigeons. The pigeon receives the needed amount of L-carnitine. In addition, the product contains magnesium and selenium for better muscle function.


Carni-Form can be administered via the drinking water or the food
-  10 ml per one liter of drinking water or
-  15 ml per 1 kg feed
-  Administered to protect the muscles at least  14 days before the first flight,  or before the  start of the competition flights daily.
-  In the racing season between flights  1 - 5 days a week.


L-Carnitine - 150 000 mg
Magnesium chloride - 50 000 mg
Sodium selenite - 70 mg
Conserving agent - 7000 mg


Garlic Oil - New product

Specifically developed to provide the natural benefits of garlic to birds in a safe and efficient way. Garlic is extremely rich in nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus, sulphurcom pounds, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and vitamin C, as wells antioxidants like germanium and selenium. That's why Garlic Oil is a very important Oil for feather conditioning. The importance of garlic for pigeons and birds as a natural wormer, conditioner and promoter of down feather loss has been known for many years. Garlic also improves the blood circulation and Garlic Oil is composed of pure garlic extracts and refined soya oil rich in linolenic
and linoleic acid. No added chemicals and no heat treatment ensure there is no decrease in it's effectiveness. affords protection of the air ways .


15 ml (1/2 measuring cap) GarlicOil per kg feed / grain
- In the winter, breeding and racing seasons: 1 day a week.
- In preparation for the racing season: for one whole week
- During the moulting season: 2 days a week.
Do not mix this product with water!


Analysis Garlic Oil:
Crude fat 100 % Nutritional Additives: Vitamin E 1.400 mg/kg


Energy Mix - New product

Energy mixture with Creatine and Carnetyne.

Energy Mix enhances the stamina of your pigeons. For a high-performance musculature. Energy Mix promotes quicker recovery after exertion.


1 measuring spoon (12.5 g) per 1 l. drinking water or 1 kg food
Before flying: 2 days in a row
On returning home: 1 day



650 g PVC Jar

  Download Energy Mix indication on PDF document

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