Entero Care

Probiotic for pigeons

This probiotic mix containing natural lactic acid bacteriaensures a good balance of the intestinal flora.The bacteriafeel at home in the instestinal tract and create an acid environment there. In order to achieve an optimum product,vitamins and minerals have also been added.
Entero Care should preferably be administrated:
- After giving inoculations and medication
- When there are problems with the intestinal flora anddroppings
- During stresful periods (first flights, young pigeon flights)
- After returning home to speed up recovery.


Dosage and instructions for use:

1 measuring spoon (10g) for 1 litre of water or 1 enclosed measurung spoon per 1 kg of feed 2 succesive days.

Etdero Care may be given every week.




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