Caresol - New product


The unique combination of electrolytes and minerals (kalium, natrium, magnesium) based on the energy carrier glucose assists to accelerate the recovery process. Hydrates and supports birds during times of extreme temperature and during transportation or during showing. Provides energy and electrolytes to assist
birds in recovery from illness, stress and after great effort. Will increase vigour and vitality in birds on show or on display for sale.  Prepared solution can be administered directly in emergency situations to provide
fast acting energy.

Dosage and way of use:

DOSAGE BREEDING SEASON: for strong, well growing youngsters: approx. 25 ml in 1 litre of water for  5 consecutive days, starting as soon as the youngsters are about 1 week old.
DOSAGE RACING SEASON: 2-3 times per week 15 ml per 1 litre of water.
AFTER GREAT EFORT (Racing season) After the pigeons return home, provide them clean water first and then add CARESOL to the drinking  water. 15 ml (1/2 measuring cap) per liter drinking water.


• Shake well before using!
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Only for oral application in animals which are not for human consumption.
• Store in a dry place away from  direct sunlight and between 0 and 30 ⁰C.
• Best before: see packaging.
• Contents: 500ml animal feed  supplement for pigeons

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Multivitamin - New product



Multitivit-mix is a special mixture of hydrosoluble vitamins and glucose. These vitamins are of great importance for the metabolism of the bird. Glucose is added to this mixture in order to provide direct
energy to the birds.

Multivit-mix contributes to: - enhanced resistance - good breeding  - optimum recovery The daily vitamin requirments of a bird are very  important, deficiency of vitamins can caus several problems, for example:

- Deficiency of vitamin A can cause fertility in the male and female, produce changes in the lining of the respiratory and alimentary tract which make invasion by infection easier, affect  eyesight and cause death of the embryo.

- Deficiency of Vitamin B group can cause vervous disorders, retardation in growth and development of feathers, upset in fat metabolism, poor egg hatchability and poor chick development.

- Deficiency of Vitamin D cause such conditions as Rickets and soft-shelled eggs.

Multivitamins are given at least once a week:
During growing, moulting and breedingDuring heavy strain and stress
After treatment for illness, worming and inoculations.

Administration: Dosage: Pigeons:

As a one-off dose after medication 5 g / 1 l drinking water or 5 g/500 g food.
As a maintenance dose: twice a week 5 g/2 l drinking water or 5 g/1kg food.
Multivit-mix can be added to drinking water or administrated with the feed.
Measuring spoon 1+5 g. included.

Maintenance: dose 1 tablet per pigeon ( 400-500 g bodyweight) for 1-2 days weekly
Treatment: 1 tablet per pigeon ( 400-500 g bodyweight) for 5 consecutive days, or as Vet. prescribes.


not known


over dosage



Multivitamins(s.a. A, B-complex, C, D, E), Amino acids, Trace-elements.

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Breeding Tab - new product



Breeding tabs. Easyly digestible proteins for an optimal growth
of young birds.  Contains vitamins, trace elements and amino
acids necessary for a perfect growth of youngsters. For older
breeding pigeons to retain vitality and fertility.

Use and dosage

From 1 week old: 2 times a week - 1-2 tablets depending on age
From 5 weeks:     1 time a week - 2 tablets
Breeders :1 time a week - 1-2 tablets. Or a vet prescribes.

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Carelyt - new product


Flying Salt for Racing Pigeons
CARELYT monitors the acid and  water balance of your  birds. It accelerates the recovery of your pigeons after long flights. It brings them back in top condition in short term.


Feeding instructions:
When the pigeons return home from their flights they are very thirsty. Give them fresh clean water as a start. After 2 hours give them fresh water again but mixed with CARELYT. Dissolve 25 g of  CARELYT
(1 tablespoonful) in 2 litres of drinking-water and have it at their disposal for 24 hours. Thereafter, remove it and continue with normal fresh drinking-water. CARELYT can be used in combination with most medicines for racing pigeons.


600 g

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Glucovit - new product

GLUCOVIT  GLUCOSE + VITAMINS can be combinated in drinking water with CARELYT.


To be added to the drinking water.
During moulth / winter: once a week 2 tablespoons in 2 litres  (about 40 pigeons)
During the breeding: twice a week 2 tablespoons in 2 litre (about 40 pigeons)
For strong, well growing youngsters from 1 week old: 5 days consecutive
During the races:  twice a week 2 tablespoons in 2 litres (about 40 pigeons).
When the distances get longer you may give them till 3 times  a week 3 spoonfull per 2 litres drinking water
It is  also possible to add  GLUCOVIT to the pigeons feed in the same dosage (± 40 pigeons once a day).
First you must wetten  the grain before mixing it up  with GLUCOVIT


Vit. A 6000 i.e.
Vit. D3 1200 i.e.
Vit. E 20 mg.
Vit. C. 10 mg.
Vit. K3 1,5 mg.
Vit. B1 280 mg.
Vit. B2 400 mg.
Nicotinamide 30 mg.
Pantothenic acid  10 mg.
Choline 100 mg.
Trace elements
Dextrose       ad  1000 g.

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Protein Mix - new product


This pure form contains 65% protein by weight. These proteins help to prevent muscle breakdown and to provide glycogen reserves during training and flights. At the same time, these proteins constitute an important source of essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids such as valine, leucine and isoleucine. These amino acids are prominently present in muscles and during intense effort, muscle cells can rapidly convert these three amino acids into energy. Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body and must be
supplied in the diet. Protein sources which contain all essential amino acids are called complete proteins. PROTEIN MIX is a complete protein and this helps to provide birds with all essential amino acids. The protein requirement depends on the age of the birds, the season and the performances requested by the


General dose (mixing by yogurt): During the racingseason for a quick recovery and big energy reserves: 20 grams per kilo of  moisturized feed, immediately  after returning  home for 3 consecutive days.
During the racingseason for a quick recovery, big energy and large reserves: 20 grams per kilo of moisturized feed, immediately after returning home for  3 consecutive days.
During the moult for healthy, strong feathers: 20 grams per kilo of moisturized feed, twice a week.
During breeding for well-developed youngsters: 20 grams per kilo of moisturized feed, twice a week. One full measuring spoon is ca. 20 g product.


500 g diet product for sports birds.

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Brewer`s yeast - new product


Brewer's Yeast is a natural food with health-promoting properties. Brewer's Yeast is rich in natural vitamins (including the B complex), minerals, proteins, amino acids and trace elements. These are important for the condition and form of your pigeons. Give your 
pigeons Brewer's Yeast at least once a week, with Garlic Oil all year round. 


25 gram (about 1 heaped soupspoon)  over feed for 1-2 days a week for 40/50 pigeons  or 20 kg live-weight birds

Contra Indication :

In this dosage not known 


800 g diet product for sports birds.

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