Optimal caps - New product

Cod-liver oil capsules are a natural source of Vitamin A and D3, enriched with extra Vitamin E to support fertility during the breeding period. These capsules promote: -the skeleton  development and growth of young pigeons.
-the sexual drive in cocks.
-a healthy immune system

The Cod-liver-oil capsule with extra Vit E is a natural source of vitamin A , D3, E and is rich in 
omega-3 fatty acids and important in building up the skeleton, bones, fertility and growth.
The Cod-liver-oil capsule is also good source of phosphorus and iodine. Both minerals 
promote resistance and energy.


Cod-liver-oil 18/12 ; Vitamin A 300 ug RE (1000 IU)
Vitamin D 2.5 ug RE (100 IU) ; Vitamin E 6.7 mg a-TE (10 IU), Gelatine
Analitycal components: Crude protein 18,12%, Crude fiber 18,20%, Crude fat 0,05% , Raw ash 0,03% 

Directions for use:

- 1 capsule administered directly in the beak 
- in the breeding period: give daily from 8 days before mating until the second egg .
- during the racing season: 2 capsules a week
- young growing pigeons: 1 capsule a day

Tips: Can also be used in older pigeons to stimulate fertility 


- Store dry, out of reach of direct sunlight, between 0-30 °C
- Shelf life after first opening: One (1) year
- Batchnr.and expiry date: see package.
- For animal treatment only. Not for animals intended to produce food for human consumption
- Keep out of reach of children.   


300 capsules, dietary product for birds.

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Fast Form - New product

To improve performance and disinfect the  drinking water. High performance pigeons can not just be given grain and water, the birds will be in top form with FASTFORM!
The product contains an essenal amount of minerals (Co, Cu, I, Fe, K, Mo, Na) which: - are needed for a good condion and a faster recovery
- contribute to the proper transport of   oxygen   and the formaon of blood cells.
- ensure proper acid-base balance in the body



To improve performance during the racing period: every day 5 ml per 2-3 litres
(2ml/litre) of clear drinking water. On very hot days increase amount of water
to 5 litres. On the day of the flight only give clear water! During breeding and moult: 5 ml per 5 litre (1ml/litre) clear drinking water 1-2 mes per week.

To disinfect the trough water during the rest of the year:
Once a week 5 ml per 5 litres ( 1ml/litre) drinking water.
Shake before  use!

Important: Do not use galvanized or copper drinking vessels.
Drinking vessels made of stainless steel may be used.


Composion (per 1000ml product):

Cobalt(II)sulphate 7H2O     60 mg
Potassium iodide                  59.000 mg
Sodium molybdate 2H2O         20mg
Ammonium Iron citrate        50.000 mg


-  Store dry , out of reach of direct sunlight,   between 0-30 ̊C.
-  Shelf life aer first opening: One (1) year.
-  Batchnr. and expiry date: see package.
-  Keep out of reach of children.
-  For animal treatment only. Not for animals intended to produce food
   for human consumpon.

Download Fastform indication on PDF document

Caremin - New product

CAREMIN contributes to good health and helps to strengthen the immune system in old and young pigeons! CAREMIN can be given the whole year round, but is indispensible at times when a lot is demanded of your pigeons,
such as during breeding, the flying season, moulting and following a course of antibiotics or immunisation.
Can be administered either via the drinking water or over the feed.


10 ml per 1 litre of drinking water or 15 ml per kilo of feed. 2 x per week.
Shake before use!

1000 ml oral liquid for treatment of pigeons, cage birds from 300 up to  3000 grams live weight

Vitamin A        6250.000 I.E.
Vitamin D3      1250.000 I.E.
Vitamin B1                375 mg
Vitamin B 2               313 mg
Vitamin B 6               500 mg
Vitamin B        125.000   mcg
Vitamin B 3             5.000 mg
Vitamin C                5.000 mg
Vitamin E                2.500 mg
Vitamin K3                750 mg
Folic acid                     13 mg
Calciumpantothena1.625 mg
L-Arginine                 400 mg
L- Aspartic acid      1.800 mg
Glycine                      340 mg
Leucine                   1.700 mg
Lycine                     1.560 mg
Methionine                 360 mg
Tyrosine                     520 mg
Valine                        960 mg
Inactive ingredients q.s to 1.000 ml

Keep out of reach of children.
Only for oral application in animals which are not for human consumption.
Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight and between 0 and 30˚C.
Best before: see packaging.

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