Optimal caps

Cod-liver oil capsules are a natural source of Vitamin A and D3, enriched with extra Vitamin E to
support fertility during the breeding period. These capsules promote: -the skeleton  development and growth of young pigeons.
-the sexual drive in cocks.
-a healthy immune system

The Cod-liver-oil capsule with extra Vit E is a natural source of vitamin A , D3, E and is rich in 
omega-3 fatty acids and important in building up the skeleton, bones, fertility and growth.
The Cod-liver-oil capsule is also good source of phosphorus and iodine. Both minerals 
promote resistance and energy.


Cod-liver-oil 18/12 ; Vitamin A 300 ug RE (1000 IU)
Vitamin D 2.5 ug RE (100 IU) ; Vitamin E 6.7 mg a-TE (10 IU), Gelatine
Analitycal components: Crude protein 18,12%, Crude fiber 18,20%, Crude fat 0,05% , Raw ash 0,03% 

Directions for use:

- 1 capsule administered directly in the beak 
- in the breeding period: give daily from 8 days before mating until the second egg .
- during the racing season: 2 capsules a week
- young growing pigeons: 1 capsule a day

Tips: Can also be used in older pigeons to stimulate fertility 


- Store dry, out of reach of direct sunlight, between 0-30 °C
- Shelf life after first opening: One (1) year
- Batchnr.and expiry date: see package.
- For animal treatment only. Not for animals intended to produce food for human consumption
- Keep out of reach of children.   


300 capsules, dietary product for birds.

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