Fast Form - New product

To improve performance and disinfect the  drinking water. High performance pigeons can not just be given grain and water, the birds will be in top form with FASTFORM!
The product contains an essenal amount of minerals (Co, Cu, I, Fe, K, Mo, Na) which: - are needed for a good condion and a faster recovery
- contribute to the proper transport of   oxygen   and the formaon of blood cells.
- ensure proper acid-base balance in the body



To improve performance during the racing period: every day 5 ml per 2-3 litres
(2ml/litre) of clear drinking water. On very hot days increase amount of water
to 5 litres. On the day of the flight only give clear water! During breeding and moult: 5 ml per 5 litre (1ml/litre) clear drinking water 1-2 mes per week.

To disinfect the trough water during the rest of the year:
Once a week 5 ml per 5 litres ( 1ml/litre) drinking water.
Shake before  use!

Important: Do not use galvanized or copper drinking vessels.
Drinking vessels made of stainless steel may be used.


Composion (per 1000ml product):

Cobalt(II)sulphate 7H2O     60 mg
Potassium iodide                  59.000 mg
Sodium molybdate 2H2O         20mg
Ammonium Iron citrate        50.000 mg


-  Store dry , out of reach of direct sunlight,   between 0-30 ̊C.
-  Shelf life aer first opening: One (1) year.
-  Batchnr. and expiry date: see package.
-  Keep out of reach of children.
-  For animal treatment only. Not for animals intended to produce food
   for human consumpon.

Download Fastform indication on PDF document

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