Ronidazole 10%


Canker (Trichomoniasis, Hexamitiasis) . Ronidozole 10% is a product that is especially effective against infections caused by trichomonades and hexamites in pigeons. During the racing season regular treatments for these infections are necessary. Young birds with severe intestinal infections caused by hexamites are more susceptible to an unpleasant E-coli infection. The safety margin is considerable including for young animals.


Loss of condition, bad digestion, bad droppings, crop mucosal inflammation, complications with ornithosis, small white to yellowish areas in the mouth cavity


Prevention: 2 measuring spoons (=2g) /1 liter drinking water during 1 or 2 days, every 2 weeks,
preferably starting the day after the race.
As a treatment during the racing season: 2 measuring spoons (=2g) /1 liter of drinking water during
5-7 successive days. This cure may be repeated if necessary after a few days. Stir well before use!
Ronidazole is a water soluble powder, which can also be given under the feed.
Measuring spoon 1+5 g included.

Advice for use:

  • Put the sick animals in quarantine.
  • Treat all of your birds, not only the sick ones
  • Mix the needed dose in an amount of drinking water or feed the animals consume within one day.
  • Be sure no other water is available during the treatment.
  • After medication give your animals MULTIVITAMIN (the day after last day of treatment).
  • Give a maintenance dose of MULTIVITAMIN every week.
  • Disinfect lofts/houses
  • Do not give the day of shipping
  • In case of doubt or persistent problems, consult a vet. surgeon.


  • Store dry, out of reach of direct sunlight, between 0-30 °C.
  • Shelf life after first opening; One (1) year.
  • Batchnr. and expiry date: see package.
  • Avoid contact of the medicine with your hands.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Interaction(s): not known. Contra indication(s) overdosage.
  • For animal treatment only. Not for animals intended to produce food for human consumption.
  • Dispose of empty packaging and remaining product in the household refuse.
  • This veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with the small animal exemption scheme.


Ronidazole 10%, Inactive ingredients q.s. to 100 g.

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