Energy Oil - New product

Energy oil with 10 different oils rich in omega 3 and omega 6

Energy oil is a high energy source. Ideal to build up  general condition and to provide fats necessary during flights.
  • Ideal energy supplier.
  • Helps build up condition.
  • Helps promote the natural resistance.


Add one cap (15ml) of Care 4 Birds Energy Oil to 1kg of food.
Racing season: Once or twice a week.
Long distance races: Twice a week
Young pigeons: Once or twice a week.
Moulting period: Twice a week.
Breeding period: Once or twice a week.

Do not mix this product with water!


Lecithin (Fuels the muscles & nervous system) ;  Salmon Oil (Rich in fatty acid for stamina) ; Maize Germ Oil (The energy booster) ; Flax Seed Oil (For fertility and muscle growth) Peanut Oil (For top muscle condition) ; Hemp Oil (Improves energy and super form) ; Wheat germ Oil (Natural Vitamin E) ; Soya Oil (The ultimate energy release) ; Black Carraway Oil (For optimum health & fitness) ; Borage Oil (Strengthens metabolism & natural immunity)
Download ENERGY OIL indication in PDF document

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