Carechol - New product


Methionine and Choline are essential sulphurous amino acids that protect the liver and the kidneys, fight fatty degeneration of the liver, and assure transportation of fat to the cells that are essential for proper functioning of the nervous system. They contribute to optimal growth in young pigeons and are also very important during the moulting period. All of which makes Dacochol a product that can be administered the whole year through.


During moult:
10 ml per 1 l drinking water per kg of feed, twice a week

During flying season:
10 ml per 1 l drinking water per kg of feed, once a week

As a course of treatment:
10 ml  per 1 l of drinking water per  kg of feed, 5 consecutive days


1000 ml oral liquid for treatment of pigeons, cage birds from 300 up to 3000
grams live weight.


Methionine:  1 %   ;   Choline:  15 %   ;   Glucose:   60 % ;   Inactive ingredients q.s to 100 %

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