GLUCOVIT  GLUCOSE + VITAMINS can be combinated in drinking water with CARELYT.




To be added to the drinking water.
During moulth / winter: once a week 2 tablespoons in 2 litres  (about 40 pigeons)
During the breeding: twice a week 2 tablespoons in 2 litre (about 40 pigeons)
For strong, well growing youngsters from 1 week old: 5 days consecutive
During the races:  twice a week 2 tablespoons in 2 litres (about 40 pigeons).
When the distances get longer you may give them till 3 times  a week 3 spoonfull per 2 litres drinking water
It is  also possible to add  GLUCOVIT to the pigeons feed in the same dosage (± 40 pigeons once a day).
First you must wetten  the grain before mixing it up  with GLUCOVIT





Vit. A 6000 i.e.
Vit. D3 1200 i.e.
Vit. E 20 mg.
Vit. C. 10 mg.
Vit. K3 1,5 mg.
Vit. B1 280 mg.
Vit. B2 400 mg.
Nicotinamide 30 mg.
Pantothenic acid  10 mg.
Choline 100 mg.
Trace elements
Dextrose       ad  1000 g.






  Download Glucovit indication on PDF document




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